Custom Woodwork by TNS

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Tesoro Boxes are a unique offering by TNS.  We thought long and hard about a name for these pieces and settled on Tesoro Box.  Tesoro, in both Italian and Spanish, translates as "treasure" and we were struck by the double meaning - each box can hold a treasure while the box might just be a treasure itself.  Every box is hand crafted from select native Missouri hardwoods.  Each piece of wood is planed to .25 inch thickness and chosen for its grain pattern and figuring.  The sides are joined using fine box joints that accent the contrasting woods, giving our boxes a distinctive look.  The bases are rabbited for a tight fit to the sides and the tops are available as either lift off, sliding or hinged.  Our Tesoro Boxes come in a variety of sizes and are available in most wood types.  The boxes are finished with three coats of mineral oil on the exterior.  Interiors are left natural.  The descriptions identify the wood for the long sides, short sides and top; dimensions are in inches.